A Sunderbans tiger apparently looking for safe ground after its reserve went under water during yesterday

Calcutta, May 25: At least 300 captive deer were swept away as the cyclone battered the fragile Sunderban mangroves and foresters were worried that there might have been heavy losses to wildlife.

Marine protected areas have put thousands of fishers out of business. It doesn

Sabyasachi Roy
KOLKATA, March. 9 : The wildlife wing of the state forest department is putting its faith in new state-of-the-art information and communication technology to protect wildlife and reduce crime in the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve.

A workshop on marine protected areas in India suggested ways
to achieve livelihood-sensitive conservation and management of coastal and fisheries resources.

KOLKATA, Dec. 31: With the incidence of tigers straying into human settlements increasing, the state forest department has decided to put up nylon fencing for nearly 10 km.

The Sundarbans of India and Bangladesh is the only mangrove in the world where tigers still live. The Sundarbans has been under various forms of management for about 2,000 years, and is classified as a Tiger Conservation Landscape of Global Priority. Little is known about the Sundarbans tigers, which are threatened by habitat destruction, prey depletion, and direct tiger loss.


Tigers attack people. People impatient, they are second priority. What is the way out?

July 24, 2007. Hungry and exhausted after fishing all day on the Bidyadhari river, Amirul Naiya, his two brothers and three other fishermen pulled

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