Laporia, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Kedar, Tamil Nadu

One man in a hopeless struggle against an environmental criminal. It could be you tomorrow

at least 12 people died and 50 were injured due to a severe cyclone that hit the Tamil Nadu coast at Cuddalore on 29 November, 2000. The cyclone was a result of a deep depression in the Bay of

Forest brigand Veerapan has made four fresh demands to release Kannada superstar Raj Kumar and three others held hostage by him. He has also declared himself a Tamil extremist. "My earlier struggle

Researchers have come up with a new medication for diarrhoea

The Tamil Nadu Green Movement wants the state government to use armed guards to protect a rain forest. Will they never learn?

Extraordinary court rulings on two rivers in south India set the stage for a showdown between environmental agencies and the industry

The Green Bench of Madras high court has decided to crack down on Industry. The bench has recently directed TNPCB to Imniediately seal highly polluting Industrial units which are within the radius

The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) is optimistic about effluent treatment plants (ETPs) and common ETPs (CEPTs) starting work in Tirupur as directed by the courts. G Rengaswamy, member