A radar system on a microchip, costing less than $10.5 has been developed by American scientists. It is so sensitive that it can monitor the breathing of a baby to cut down cotdeaths, pinpoint

With the help of a cheap seismograph you can now monitor quakes, small or large, without taking the trouble of moving out of your backyard

Sootprinitng is the eco sleuth's new weapon for identifying the source of air pollution by setting up a databank on various types of soots to help Policymakers frame stricter norms for emissions, especially for the manufacture of cars, automobile lu

China is opening its doors to the world in every sense of the phrase. In mid-February, the official Guangming Daily reported that the country had declassified 90 per cent of its scientific and

A COMPREHENSIVE database on legumes, the first of its kind in South Asia is being set up by Sudershan Kumar, a researcher at the National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow. The bean family,

These are the days of frenetic crossborder data networking. Electronic cilia have crawled into almost every nook in the world where information could be waiting to be tapped or inserted. Access to a gigantic, and growing, well of information is a few keyb

(Attn: No literary liberties have been taken with this piece because techno-slapdash is another lingo altogether). BIT: One bit is the smallest piece of information for a computer and just

Rapid advances in computer and communication technology have transformed areas such as banking, railway and air reservation, documentation and entertainment. But the field that stands to gain the

The modest telephone lines -- with their constantly evolving technology -- are going to stay as the backbone of the revolution in information technology. Right now, fibre optics is making a big

An abbreviation for "users network", USENET is a collection of electronic bulletin boards or conferences called "newsgroups" -- where users all around the world read and post articles containing