The debate about best policies for GI has been a long and unfinished one hed one. This article goes into the fundamental issues and provides two complementary perspectives. Firstly, policies about GI in a nation are con are controlled by the very nature of its governance.

Intel Corp. is expanding its line of Xeon chips for server systems with four models that boost computing performance and energy efficiency.

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts: The electronic newspaper, a large portable screen that is constantly updated with the latest news, has been a prop in science fiction for ages. It also figures in the dreams of newspaper publishers struggling with rising production and delivery costs, lower circulation and decreased ad revenue from their printed product.

In an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, two leading researchers warn that the entry of big companies like Microsoft and Google into the field of personal health records could drastically alter the practice of clinical research and raise new challenges to the privacy of patient records. The authors, Dr. Kenneth Mandl and Dr. Isaac Kohane, are long-time proponents of the benefits of electronic patient records to improve care and help individuals make smarter health decisions.

When the BJP won a spectacular victory in the assembly elections in Rajasthan three years ago, party leaders didn't hesitate to credit the success to the then state party chief, Vasundhara Raje Scindia. It was only natural that she was unanimously chosen to lead the Government as the state'sfirst woman chief minister.

• Japan's environment ministry is drafting a law that would require owners of "potentially dangerous animals, such as crocodiles and pythons,' to have microchips implanted in their pets. The cylindrical chips, about a centimetre-long, would carry information that would enable the authorities to trace the owners if the pets go missing.

Dilip K Biswas, chairperson of the Central Pollution Control Board speaks about a number of problems facing SPCBs

Petroleum leaks and dirty water? Meet the new solution for pollution: chicken feather

It was huge. And it was heading straight for Earth. Astronomers said the end was here. Frantic revisions of their calculations later showed that asteroid XF11 would miss us. But what if there are others that don t alter course?

There are more than 300,000 huge rocks in space, each waiting for a turn at targeting the Earth