Governance continues to be the strongest dimension of sustainability

Naveen Patnaik seeks more help in the field of education and governance

Wipro has been associated with the sparrow conservation efforts for the last three years.

At the time when the government is exploring various options to move on to a low-carbon growth path, five Indian companies have made it to the global list of firms that have shown leadership in ado

Overtakes HP to top in the guide for 2012

Wipro, the Bangalore-based company with interests in consumer goods, electronics hardware and IT services among others, has topped the 'Guide to Greener Electronics’ list for 2012 released by global non-governmental environmental organisation Greenpeace. The company, which previously participated in the Indian edition of the Guide, had made its debut in the international version of Greenpeace’s Guide this year.

Component vendors of Wipro Ltd will now have to mandatorily disclose their emission, energy and eco-footprint to the company.

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Plans part of group

Rajiv Tikoo

Software-to-soap maker Wipro Ltd plans to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint by half in the next five years. The Bangalore-based company with significant interests in IT, would reduce GHG intensity to 2.5 tonnes per employee by 2015, according to the company