NEW DELHI: French state-run power major EDF will invest heavily in renewable energy in India, with projects worth $2 billion in the pipeline, and is bullish about the sector, where it sees electric

NEW DELHI: India's energy landscape is poised for a dramatic change as fresh investments in wind and solar projects will overtake those in fossil fuel-based plants, and the government is confident

Global climatic conditions have turbocharged the monsoon and given it the momentum to take it up to Kashmir in three to four days, a week ahead of schedule, and accelerate agricultural activity in

There's good news on the monsoon front for farmers and policymakers. Rainfall is likely to be better than the gloomy forecasts of last month, particularly in June when farmers plant crops.

Freeing up petro product pricing and marketing will end the practice of oil companies making false claims of losses

As India

India's monsoon rains, vital for the farm-dependent economy and the success of major crops, may exceed the norm this year if the El Nino system that brings drier weather fails to appear, as expected, forecasters say.

Western companies are in the race for slice of the lucrative market for clean technologies such as renewable energy and water or soil treatment projects in India and China, which corporate leaders say will be worth trillions of dollars in a few years as the Asian giants grapple with rising oil prices and pollution.