The seeds will cost less than other hybrids but give higher yields

Electricity supply across India will be vulnerable to disruptions this summer as the official forecast of severe heatwave will boost demand significantly, while power stations face acute water shor

NEW DELHI: If you live in Delhi, pray for rains.

This year's monsoon could end up as among the worst three in nearly three decades.

This year's early withdrawal of the southwest monsoon from western India could lead to an early onset of the northeast monsoon over southern states.

Falling water levels in 91 major reservoirs to hit availability for irrigation & drinking

The El Nino weather phenomenon, which has often disrupted rainfall in India, is further strengthening and likely to persist into early 2016, the Australia Bureau of Meteorology said in an update on

Skymet Weather Services, a private agency, may revise its monsoon forecast again this month after its July prediction turned out to be off the mark and rainfall in June was higher than estimated.

Global climatic conditions have turbocharged the monsoon and given it the momentum to take it up to Kashmir in three to four days, a week ahead of schedule, and accelerate agricultural activity in

Private forecasters are counting on temperature changes in the Indian Ocean to strengthen the monsoon current like it did in 1997, when rainfall was normal, despite a strong El Nino.