NEW DELHI: The Aam Aadmi Party government did score points for promptly reacting to emergency air pollution episodes with measures never attempted earlier such as restricting cars on roads to alter

KOCHI: The otherwise busy Panampilly Nagar Road became a festival zone on Sunday, which was observed as car-free day on the street.

As a part of the project Mayor Anne Hidalgo intends to fight air pollution.

MANGALURU: This coastal city put its best cycling foot forward when 'Green' minded citizens came out in large numbers for Car Free Day Initiative of Mangalore Bicycle Club (MbC) on Thursday.

The message was loud and clear that it is the need of the hour to promote non-motorised transport to save the Earth for the future generations.

Ghaziabad: The city is all set to observe its third car-free day on Sunday.

The city is set to have three more monitoring stations and one mobile van to constantly monitor air quality, the government today announced while enunciating steps to combat spiralling air pollutio

Ghaziabad: Volunteers of civil defence in Ghaziabad will join hands with residents for the second car-free day scheduled to be held on Thursday.

Hotels and clubs in the city will be asked to allow bicycles on their premises on car-free days, the police commissioner Navdeep Singh Virk said on Wednesday.

GURGAON: 'Leave space to Green Right Of Way (GROW)' campaign was launched on Tuesday to mark the 22nd edition of Car Free Day.