GURGAON: The number 7 didn't turn out to be lucky for Car-Free Day, and one more Tuesday flew by with yet another half-hearted response to a campaign that promised to 'free' up Gurgaon's roads.

New Delhi: For the first time, motorists violating pollution norms will be fined on the spot through a system under which CCTV cameras will capture registration numbers and vehicles plying without

During the national Capital's first "Car-Free Day" -an initiative undertaken by the Delhi Government towards cutting down alarming levels of vehicular carbon footprints by encouraging use of enviro

The event will again be held in Dwarka on November 22 and unlike today — when it was observed only for half-a-day as it coincided with Dussehra.

It was symbolic perhaps that the capital's first Car-Free Day was ushered in with a bicycle rally.

NEW DELHI: Restricting cars on a 5-km stretch for a few hours may have been too limited an exercise to make any visible difference in Delhi's air quality, but Thursday, the day when the capital had

According to the DPCC, the reduced pollution level was due to lower car usage, which in turn reduced traffic on the roads.

Delhi’s attempt at a car-free day on Thursday improve its air quality? Probably, but not by as much as the government is claiming, a close reading of the data shows.

A month back, Gurgaon Police launched Car-Free Day, an initiative to decongest the city and improve its air quality.

The fifth edition of the Car Free Day on October 20, will emphasise on the need to promote cycle stands, said Gurgaon Joint Police Commissioner (Headquarters) Saurabh Singh on Monday.