Report of the Joint Committee in Original Application No. 194 of 2020 in compliance of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) order, October 7, 2020. The matter is related to sand mining in the districts of Gadag, Raichur and Kalburgi, Karnataka.

The Joint Committee inspected 36 mines in Gadag and one each in Raichur and Gulbarga districts. During the visit, mine owners expressed technical difficulties/non-viabilities in installing the dust control measures and implementation of water conservation measures.

Another Rs. 50 crore to be released by the end of March

Chemical contamination of drinking water sources, particularly with fluoride and nitrate, is posing a serious health hazard to people in the villages of Gulbarga district.

State electricity supply companies (Escoms), on Tuesday, signed power purchase agreements with Nuclear Power Corporations of India Limited and Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) for 442 MW and 450 MW

Karnataka will face drastic change in its climate in the near future due to global warming, said M B Raje Gowda, professor of agrometerology at University of Agriculture Sciences, Gandhi Krishi Vig

290 Infants Die In Koppal, Raichur

Alarmed at 60% infant malnutrition deaths reported in some taluks of Koppal and Raichur districts against the national average of 42%, the Karnataka government constituted an expert committee to look into it.

Funds allocated for Narayanpur left bank, Upper Tunga projects
The Canal will help in irrigating an additional 1.5 lakh hectares in Yadgir, Gulbarga and Bijapur districts.

The Centre has sanctioned Rs 5,500 crore to Karnataka for two major irrigation projects -remodeling of Narayanpur left bank canal and Upper Tunga project

A public interest litigation (PIL) petition in the Karnataka High Court has sought a direction to the Gulbarga City Corporation (GCC) to utilise funds sanctioned for disposal of 170 tonnes of solid

Illegal extraction thrives under the nose of authorities; officials say they are helpless

Sand from the basins of the Bheema, Kagina, Mullamari, Bennethora, Bori and Kamalavathi rivers in the district did not command much demand in the region in the past, as these rivers flow through areas with black soil and black stones and the sand is black.

GULBARGA: The neonatal intensive care unit bay at the Gulbarga district hospital has a long line of new mothers.