A lot of industrialization is taking place in and around the city of Tiruchirappalli. The number of apartment goes on increasing in Tiruchirapplai due to rapid increase in population and unavailability of sites to construct houses. The crowd in the apartment and their activity lead to enhanced sound level. Exposure to high level of noise may cause severe stress on the auditory and nervous system.

TIRUCHI: Geographists have a major role to play in ensuring planned urban development, Manoj Kumar Sarcar, Conservator of Forests and General Manager, Tamil Nadu Forest Plantation Corporation, Tiruchi, said on Friday.

In most slum communities of South Asia, the sanitation situation is deplorable, healthy living is impossible and the disease burden is heavy, especially for women and children. Lack of basic sanitation and adequate water for bathing and washing clothes

Growing paddy with less water is possible through the System of Rice Intensification, an innovation thats fast catching up. T M Radha reports.

TIRUCHI: A four MW power plant can be installed by making use of solid waste generated in Tiruchi city alone, according to M. Kamaraj, Professor, Department of Bioenergy, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.