The holy city struggling to get rid of the problems of solid waste management might soon get some relief as the segregation process of the garbage has started at Solid Waste Management (SWM) plant

After the district magistrate Pranjal Yadav got miffed over the poor state of the ghats on Tuesday, the officials of the Varanasi Municipal Corporation are camping on the city ghats in order to get

The sale of fire-crackers is reaching its peak. Markets are full of 'rockets', multi-coloured sparklers and 'bombs'.

It has been a year since Varanasi associated itself with the Green Pilgrimage Network but it is yet to start working on the project.

पूर्वाचल में रविवार से हो रही बारिश ने जमकर कहर बरपाया। वाराणसी और आसपास के जिलों में बड़ी संख्या में पेड़, मकान, बिजली के खंभे आदि धराशाई हो गए। गोरखपुर-बस्ती मंडल के जिलों का यही हाल रहा। देवरिया औ

Though more than a year has passed since the E-waste (Management and Handling) Rules came into effect in May 2012, their implementation is still in a nascent stage, at least in Varanasi, one of the

: In answer to queries posed under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, project manager of Ganga Pollution Control Unit has diverted most of the questions to other departments and ministries and has

Over 17 lakh people have been hit by the floods in Uttar Pradesh, where the situation continued to remain grim with the swollen rivers inundating thousands of villages and the death toll in the del

With the data provided by the Centre for Pollution Control (CPC), it has been found that majority of the city hospitals have been flouting the norms for biomedical waste treatment.

Illegal mining in Uttar Pradesh between 2005-11 caused a loss of Rs 1,400 crore to the exchequer, says a draft report of the comptroller & auditor general.