Thanks to a Japanese company, Soft99, you can now "wash' your car without so much as using water. The company has developed a "wet wax' sheet, a multi-layer textile, which stores a thin bed of

Imagine a system for cleaning

The UK police department is testing a new generation of digital speed traps that could make it impossible for drivers to beat speed checks. Until now, most speed traps use radar to detect the speed

Diesel vehicles still have a long way to go as far as controlling particulate emissions is concerned and at the current level of technology development, diesel is harmful to public health

Jason Mark and Candace Morey , transportation analysts of UCS, have analysed various emission reduction technologies for diesel vehicles in their attempt to show that all of them have severe limitat

A public relations agency, Burson-Marsteller Roger Pereira, has come out with a newsletter entitled

A European study determined that exposure to traffic related air pollution, in particular diesel exhaust particles, may lead to reduced lung function in children living near major motorways.

The CSE thesis of devil engines is simply deceptive. It is, to say

Federal government seeks us $60 billion fine for faulty emission control systems

A new combustion technique will make two stroke engines Asia's bane cleaner