This report reviews the experience of Cebu City, one of the fastest growing cities in the Philippines, based on the quick assessment and case study analysis and gives some policy recommendations for the local decision makers and city officials in Cebu City as well as other developing cities in developing e-waste management policy.

KOCHI: The state cabinet on Tuesday granted approval to set up the proposed waste-to-energy solid waste treatment plant at Brahmapuram. The project has been awarded to GL Nature Care Consortium.

To request TCP dept to continue to mark the area identified for the project as GTZ under RP 2021

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Action plan for scientific disposal of e-wastes and bio-medical wastes, 21/12/2015. For disposal of bi-medical waste generated in the Country, 198 Common bio-Medical Waste Treatment and Disposal facilities have been installed and approval for another 28 have been given.

Bio-medical waste to be treated at Hubbali-Dharwad CBMWTF until facility becomes operational

The Bengaluru Urban district administration has identified 79 abandoned quarries, covering an area of 184 acres on the outskirts of the City, to serve as landfills for the piling City garbage which

Following directives from the High Court, GSPCB has called for a hearing of Anjuna-Caisua VP, Directorate of Panchayats and the petitioner to work out ad hoc measures to ensure that the panchayat c

The government’s Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) cell has okayed a Rs.295-crore solid waste treatment plant in Brahmapuram.

Garbage black spots emerge in City, rains make matters worse

Pulled up by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) over the messy solid waste management in the capital, the fund-starved Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) has zeroed in on the Rs 42 crore “waste to g