THE WORLD'S first full-scale experiment to clean up municipal sewage with a reactor full of algae has recently started near Nottingham in the UK (New Scientist, Vol 140, No 1893). The reactor or

The increasing pressure on the West Bengal government to clean up industrial pollution in the state has forced it to seek Japanese aid. Japanese experts will help the state government set up effluent

SORTING out similar types of plastics from waste may now be possible through a system based on the different ways various plastics reflect a near-infrared light (Environmental Science and Technology,

Countries like India are increasingly opting for expensive, high tech water treatment systems instead of low cost, low tech water treatment alternatives.

H K Barman

THE SWEDISH city of Malmo has carefully landscaped an area of about 10,000 ha, which functions as a natural stormwater treatment plant. In Malmo, on the southern Swedish coast, several projects

A high school in the Swedish town of Stensund is an educational centre that can teach the world a lesson on how to manage wastewater.

TRADITIONAL communities developed ingenious ways of making use of wastewater. And, experts involved in the modern science of ecological engineering can learn a great deal from them. There is a