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The tiger population in West Bengal had increased to 361 in 1993 with the number in Sundarban's reserve forest alone rising to 263 from 251 in 1996, the State forest minister, Mr. Jogesh Burman

When it comes to the latest trands, animals are not left behind. The new mantra at the Delhi zoo is alternative therapy. Ayurvedic treatment on an elderly white tigress, a sulphur-crested cuckatoo

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday directed owners of all mobile zoos in the country to surrender animals in their possession to the chief wildlife wardens of their respective states by July 21. The

Nature's Beckon, an environmental activist group in North-east India, has urged upon the Government of Assam to declare Jaipur, Kirak and Dihing reserved forest together as a sanctuary for the

In a landmark judgement, the Orissa High Court has asked the state government to evict all encroachers from the Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary on coast. The court also has directed the state to

Once rich in wildlife the forests of the Himalayas, are almost devoid of the jungle cats and other animals as their habitat has been invaded by man, according to a book based on the personal oddessey

Animals and birds at one of the country's premier zoos at Nandankanan, on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, seem to be in grave danger. disease has taken a heavy toll, while thieves have make off with

Widespread killing of whales continues across the world despite various conservation victories, according to a new report which says six out of the 11 great whale species existing today can be

Makah whalers are in Japan : The Makah tribe of Washington State, who intend to start killing gray whales off the Washington Coast this fall in a proclaimed bid for cultural revival, sent a

The Orissa high court on thursday directed the state government to evict all encroachers from the Bhitarakanika wildlife sanctuary and declare the 672 sq km area, including rivers and creeks, a