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The Supreme Court has issud notice to all tiger populated states to respond to a petition filed by the tiger crisis cell calling for a revamp of the present system under the Wildlife Protection Act.

Two new species of amphibians named temopterna maskeyi and polypedates taeniatus have been recorded for the first time in Nepal. 'So far t. maskeyi is only repored from Nepal, and probably it is an

Harvesting of wildlife for human use is a controversial topic and inspires considerable passion and debate both for and against. In the fight for the hearts and minds of meat-eating Australians,

If the Union Welfare Minister, Ms Maneka Gandhi 's plan gets the nod, soon the government could introduce an ambulance service for animaals in distress. This novel plan to have a service exclusively

Introduction of new regulations on animal experimentation has brought work at the National Centre for Laboratory Animal Sciences (NCLS) in Hyderabad, the country's largest supplier of research

The country's second biological park aimed at developing a breeding centre for rare "Asiatic lions" would be opened near the Taj Mahal, according to a senior forest

Wildlife officials in Kathmandu deny that Nepal has recieved scores of unusual migrating animals from India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh as claimed by their Indian counterparts. On September 15

An inter-state racket in Orissa and Jamshedpur involving rare species of birds has come to light with the arrest of two persons by forest officials yesterday. The two, reportedly from Jamshedpur were

The dwindling number of camels - the symbol of desert culture and pride - has caused concern among scientists and farmers. Latest census reports show that the camel population in Rajasthan has

The Delhi forest department and Social Welfare Minsiter Maneka Gandhi are celebrating the Wildlife Week by making wild allegations over the release of 19 snakes which were captured last week. The two