Joint committee report on the working of Roha Industrial Area CETP, Dhatav village, district Raigad, Maharashtra, 13/10/2022

Report of Joint Committee in the matter of Original Application No. 58/2022 (WZ) in the matter of Aryavart Foundation Vs M/s Ria CETP Co-Op Society Ltd. & Others.

The report was in compliance with the National Green Tribunal order, Western Zone Bench, Pune, July 6, 2022 regarding non-compliances of M/s Ria CETP, MIDC Roha district Raigad, Maharashtra.

Aryavart Foundation filed an application before the NGT regarding non-compliances and violation of environmental norms by M/s Roha Industrial Association Common Effluent Treatment Plant (RIA CETP) Co. Op. Society Ltd. Roha Industrial Area (RIA), located about 120 km from Mumbai in Dhatav village in district Raigad is a chemical zone as declared by Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC).

A joint committee visited the site, September 2, 2022 along with officials from the Central Pollution Control Board and the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

During the visit, work of up-gradation and rehabilitation of CETP was under progress. It was informed that MIDC had committed time up to August 30, 2022 to complete up-gradation and revamping work of CETP to the MPCB, however, it was delayed due to COVID and the same shall be completed by January 31, 2023. CETP was operational with an equalisation tank, flash mixer, one primary clarifier and one aeration with secondary clarifier. Tertiary treatment system was not in operation. The concentration of analysed parameters are higher in the outlet of CETP i.e. after primary and secondary treatment than inlet of CETP. It shows there is no treatment in the CETP and operation of the CETP is disturbed.