To The Point: Is Banning Diesel Cars In Delhi A Solution For Pollution ?

In this episode of To The Point with Karan Thapar, it discuss on the Supreme Court decision on banning diesel cars in Delhi. The protest and jams by angry diesel taxi drivers and operators witnessed on May 2 have raised the question, is the the Supreme Court's decision to ban diesel tax's in Delhi not just controversial and not popular but perhaps also unfair and wrong. The Supreme Court had clamp down on the diesel cabs in the national capital regions citing the high air pollution levels. Commuter are facing a tough time in national capital as it is the first working day since the Supreme Court refuse to give more time to diesel taxi operators to switch to CNG. The taxi operators are off the road and are protesting the Supreme Court decision as tyrannical. Massive jams have been reported at roads in Delhi after the protesting obstructing the traffic. The Supreme Court ruled on Saturday that all diesel run taxis must convert to green fuel, CNG. Nearly 27,000 diesel cabs are affected by the Supreme Court ruling. The Supreme Court refused to extend the deadline for commercial passenger vehicles to switch to CNG by 30th April, a ruling aimed at reducing pollution in the national capital. The taxi operators had pleaded for leniency that they were saddled with financial liabilities and have to altogether discard their cars. Court exempted taxis with all India tourist permits from switch to CNG, if they operate outside the the national capital region.