Assessment of climate change impact on rice using controlled environment chamber in Tamil Nadu, India

Impacts of elevated temperature and carbon dioxide (CO2) enrichment on rice were assessed by carrying out an experiment with four dates of planting (1 June and 15 June, 1 and 15 July) during 2014 under two different environmental conditions, viz. ambient and modified (climate control chamber) with +4C compared to the ambient temperature and CO2 enrichment of 650 ppm. Crops grown under modified environment recorded reduced growth characters (leaf area index, dry matter production, number of tillers m–2 ), lesser dry matter partitioning towards grain, yield attributes (number of productive tillers m–2 , number of filled grains panicle–1 ) and lower grain yields compared to those grown under ambient condition. Crops subjected to elevated temperature and enriched CO2 attained panicle initiation, flowering and maturity earlier than those under open ambient condition.

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