Cancer statistics in China, 2015

With increasing incidence and mortality, cancer is the leading cause of death in China and is a major public health problem.Because of China’s massive population (1.37 billion), previous national incidence and mortality estimates have been limited tosmall samples of the populat ion using data from the 1990s or based on a specific year. With high-quality data from an additionalnumber of populat ion-based registries now available through the National Central Cancer Registry of China, the authors ana-lyzed data from 72 local, pop ulation-based cancer regist ries (2009-2011), representing 6.5% of the population, to estimate thenumber of new cases and cancer deaths for 2015. Data from 22 registries were used for trend analyses (2000-2011). Theresults indicated that an estimated 4292,000 new cancer cases and 2814,000 cancer deaths would occur in China in 2015,with lung cancer being the most common incident cancer and the leading cause of cancer death. St omach, esophageal, andliver cancers were also commonly diagnosed and were identified as leading causes of cancer death.

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