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High concentrations of fluoride (F–) in drinking water are harmful to human health. Knowledge of spatiotemporal distribution of F– content in groundwater is thus a prerequisite for taking preventive measures. This communication reports F– incidence in groundwater and its relation with the prevalence of fluorosis in Tamnar area, Raigarh District, Chhattisgarh, India. Nearly 18% of the sampled wells had F– concentrations above the desirable limit (> 1.0 mg/l), the highest value being 8.8 mg/l. High F– concentrations primarily occurred in coal-bearing Barakar Formation of the Gondwana Supergroup. Prevalence of dental fluorosis was observed in five villages, viz. Dholnara, Kunjhemura, Muragaon, Pata and Saraitola; whereas skeletal fluorosis was found to occur only in Muragaon.