Carbon dioxide emissions on a 35 per cent high

there has been a 35 per cent increase in carbon dioxide emissions worldwide since 1990. Inefficient fossil fuels have contributed to a 17 per cent increase in carbon dioxide emissions and an 18 per cent loss in the absorption capacity of sinks, oceans for example. Scientists associated with the Global Carbon Project in a paper in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences revealed this recently. The project was established in 2001 to create a knowledge base for policy making on global warming. Scientists have highlighted the following in the published paper:

Increase in the use of fossil fuel has led to the increase of growth rate of carbon dioxide emissions from 1.3 per cent in the 1990s to 3.3 per cent now (2000-07)

Carbon sinks' capacity to store carbon dioxide has reduced from 600 kg fifty years ago to 550 kg

Carbon intensity, the amount of carbon dioxide produced to create us $1 of wealth, had decreased from 0.35 kg of carbon per dollar in 1970 to 0.24 kg of carbon per dollar in 2000. But thereafter it has been increasing at 0.3 per cent since 2000.