Accelerating SDG7 achievement: policy briefs in support to the first SDG7 review at the UN high-level political forum 2018

The world is not on track to achieving energy-related Sustainable Development Goals, according to a new series of Policy Briefs launched at the United Nations. Supported by data and analysis from the International Energy Agency, this series of 27 Policy Briefs provides the latest assessment of where the world stands on goals for universal energy access and increasing renewables and energy efficiency. The Policy Briefs also chart the crucial interlinkages between energy and other development objectives, and outline what needs to be done to scale up and accelerate policies, innovation, finance and capacity-building between now and 2030. Energy is not only a global goal in its own right but is at the heart of the sustainable development agenda to 2030, and is essential for reducing poverty, improving health and ensuring environmental sustainability. However, the latest data shows that global progress falls short on all four energy-related targets established under SDG 7, which aims to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by 2030.