Adverse impacts of transgenic crops/foods

The debate around GMOs in our food, farming and environment has only been increasing over time, whether it is in policy circles or in the scientific world, or as a public debate. The "Coalition for a GM-Free India" has been actively involved in generating an informed debate in India on the various facets of GM crops. This compilation presents evidence available on specific fronts like molecular level instability and unpredictability induced by the process of GE; health implications flowing out of individual genes used as well as the GMO and also because of the chemicals used along with particular GMOs; environmental implications in terms of impacts on biodiversity, soil, on pests and diseases, impacts on non-target organisms, creation of "super weeds" etc. Some of the studies which have looked at yield myths related to GM crops have also been included. Further, studies that have looked at regulation and suggested improvements in biosafety
assessment regimes are part of this compilation.