AMAP assessment 2015: methane as an Arctic climate forcer

The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP), one of the six Working Groups of the Arctic Council, has released its assessment report on methane as a climate forcer. The report concludes that methane mitigation can complement action on carbon dioxide (CO2) mitigation in reducing Arctic warming, and contribute to reducing the potential of increased methane emissions from natural terrestrial and marine sources in the Arctic due to a warming climate. The report, titled 'AMAP Assessment 2015: Methane as an Arctic Climate Forcer,' assesses the potential benefits that mitigation of methane emissions in Arctic countries could have with regard to reduced Arctic warming, and compares the potential emissions reductions from anthropogenic sources to potential changes in methane emissions from natural sources in the Arctic. It complements a second assessment of black carbon and tropospheric ozone as climate forcers in the Arctic.