China’s clean diesel action plan: 2018–2020

In January 2019, China launched a new action plan to address air pollution by cleaning up diesel-powered on-road vehicles, off-road equipment, and ships. This plan is one part of the larger, three-year National Plan of Blue-Sky Defense, and it places stricter requirements on air pollution-prone areas. The plan details 18 different actions over four program areas—clean diesel vehicles, clean diesel engines, clean transportation, and clean diesel fuel—with three overarching targets: (1) ensure that 90% of diesel vehicles are in compliance with current emission standards (95% in key regions); (2) ensure that 95% of diesel fuel meets 10 ppm sulfur content limit, and that 95% diesel emission fluid (urea) by volume is in compliance with current national standards (98% in key regions); and (3) increase railroad freight transportation by 30% compared with 2017 level.