Climate change, conflict and security scan: analysis of current thinking

The 'scan' aims to help policy-makers, practitioners and academics who are short on time get to grips with the range of literature, discourse and social media coverage of the intersection of resilience, climate change, conflict and security. It has assessed over 350 pieces of literature and summarises 146. It intentionally emphasises academic journals, because these remain inaccessible to many, including those who take critical policy and funding decisions on how to prevent and respond to new manifestations of complex risk. The scan is not intended to be read from start to finish, but provides signposts to allow readers to head straight to the sections of relevance for them. It does not claim to be exhaustive, but the material presented covers as much as the authors feel is needed for anyone wanting to understand the new insights emerging from the academic literature, the grey literature, the blogosphere and social media coverage.