Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Puducherry: draft final report

An overhaul of the public transport system along with the development of a multi-city network to reduce congestion, and significant improvements in pedestrian infrastructure, use of Non-Motorised Transport and Intelligent Transport System, management of parking spaces and road safety have been recommended in the Draft Comprehensive Mobility Plan Report which has been made public by the Transport Department. The Puducherry government had awarded the work of preparation of the Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP) to the Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Limited (DIMTS), New Delhi, as per guidelines of the Union Ministry of Urban Development. DIMITS is a joint venture of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi and Infrastructure Development and Finance Company. If nothing is done to improve the situation in Puducherry, average speed will drop to 21 kilometres per hour, while with the proposed multi-city network development, public transport share will reach 38 per cent from 20.7 per cent and average speed of vehicles will be 24 kmph. Adopting the multi-city network development will also lead to reduced carbon emission, said the report.