CSE critique on CPCBs study of exhaust gases from different fuel-based vehicles for carbonyls & methane

CSE comments on CPCB's recently released Study of Exhaust Gases from Different Fuel-based Vehicles for Carbonyls and Methane Emissions. Urges CPCB to recall and urgently review this study to make it more scientifically tenable.

CPCB has made a valuable effort to generate emissions data on unregulated toxic emissions as well as methane emissions from different combination of vehicle and fuels (diesel, petrol, LPG, CNG, bio-diesel and ethanol etc). However, there are some discrepancies and missing links in the study that lead to misleading policy conclusions. In order to prevent wrong and damaging interpretation of this study and to get good policy action from this study we would like to propose an immediate review of this study to address these concerns.

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