Disaster management research roadmap for the ASEAN region

This disaster management research roadmap for the ASEAN region was created in the hopes that it will guide the process of achieving the goal of becoming a global leader on disaster risk management (DRM) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) by 2025. The principal objective of the roadmap is to prioritize the research that needs to be done in the ASEAN region in order to enhance DRM and management practices and policy relevant to the ASEAN member states. The roadmap focuses on the needs of both the scientists and policymakers focusing and working on the ASEAN region. It provides a guiding framework for the future research topics that may be identified and created into potential projects that will contribute to decision-making processes in the disaster and other relevant sectors. This roadmap provides an overview of current DRR/DRM issues, existing DRR/DRM policies and capacities, and current advances in DRR/DRM in the ASEAN region. It then sets out methodologies for determining and prioritizing DRR options, before outlining regional and country-specific research road maps for specific natural hazards.