Frontiers in development 2014: ending extreme poverty

Two years ago, USAID convened a forum and published an associated volume of essays, all under the banner of an effort called Frontiers in Development. It was designed to encourage forward-looking, provocative discussion and debate that could advance development policy and practice across the full range of relevant actors. The ultimate outcomes of such conferences can take time to unfold and are sometimes difficult to attribute. Yet these high-profile efforts are precisely where new ideas, approaches and commitments are teed up and shared, giving stakeholders across the development community opportunities to align politics, policy and practice. Frontiers in Development served an internal function as well. The associated churn of ideas— especially around science, technology, innovation and partnerships—has informed much of USAID’s work, including the Agency’s approach to bolstering resilience and efforts around its recently established Global Development Lab. USAID has now chosen to build upon the underlying Frontiers in Development concept. Again the Agency is bringing together many of the world’s brightest minds and boldest leaders to engage in a dialogue on development. Accompanying the dialogue, and contributing to the critical exchange of ideas, is this new book of essays.