Ground Water Year Book 2014-15: Rajasthan

The limited ground water resources in Rajasthan are increasingly being exploited for irrigation, Industrial and domestic uses. The impact of these stresses coupled with non uniform rainfall are manifested in the form of changes in water levels and groundwater quality in the State. Central Ground Water Board is monitors the regime in Rajasthan four times a year, during May, August, November and January along with ground water quality during the month of May. The data of monitoring are shared with state authorities and other users for planning purposes. Ground Water Year
Book 2014-2015 of Rajasthan the data of the interpreted and basic data on the behaviour of ground water levels and water quality prevailing during 2014-2015 as observed from the hydrograph stations and elucidates the changes that are observed in comparison with the situation prevailing in 2013-2014 as well as during the past decade.