Insights from multi stakeholder consultation

Diabetes has become one of the leading public health issues in the country. The Government of India has a strong commitment to tackle this challenge
through the National Program on Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke (NPCDCS) programme. A strong need was being felt to understand the enablers and barriers at the State level with regard to the implementation of this ambitious National program. The
Confederation of Indian Industry in partnership with Eli Lilly has taken a lead in creating platforms at the State and the National levels for cross learning and facilitating a dialogue amongst multi stakeholder group towards strengthening the implementation of the existing Government policies around NCDs
with focus on Diabetes.

This National White Paper is intended to encapsulate some of the best practices and the suggestions from a diverse range of experts engaged in the public health with a keen interest in the NCDs domain. The recommendations in this report will be useful while the NPCDCS programme is all set to expand in the country and strengthen the Diabetes component of the program in particular. The recommendations included herein are derived from the experience and
knowledge of professionals who have been working in the field of Non Communicable Diseases for many years and thus reflect on the real-life situations in the field.