Mobility and development, Spring 2023: innovations, policies, and practices

This third issue of the Mobility and Development periodical unpacks an exciting transport sector narrative through seven articles. The issue explores the challenge and outlook on transport decarbonization. The narrative then highlights how digitalization can play a key role in building resilience in global trade and supply chains. Focusing on Africa, you get post-pandemic insights on the air transportation sector in five countries in Southern Africa. Moving to India, experts unpack 10 key insights from two decades of work on state highways. The ieConnect for Impact program then shares key lessons from evaluating the impact of transport infrastructure investments in Ethiopia, Pakistan, Rwanda, and Iraq. Landing in South America, the next article examines how the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted mobility of residents and businesses in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In closing, the periodical explores how to enhance green mobility through leveraging data and innovation in the UNESCO heritage cities of Siem Reap in Cambodia and Luang Prabang in Lao People’s Democratic Republic.