Nordic green to scale for countries: unlocking the potential of climate solutions in Kenya and Ethiopia

A new report draws on the climate change mitigation experiences of a number of countries to highlight “win-win” options for Ethiopia and Kenya. The Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – have valuable experience in developing solutions that can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and save money in the longer term. All these countries are moving towards carbon neutral economies. Finland, for example, aims to be carbon neutral by 2045. However, in their journey along this road to date, they have often had to learn climate change mitigation the hard way – through failures and repeated experiments. A report, Nordic Green to Scale for Countries/Africa, sets out how Kenya and Ethiopia can benefit from this experience – as well as the experiences of countries such as Brazil, China, Costa Rica and Germany – to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 16 per cent of the projected business as usual emissions by 2030, and chalk up economic and environmental gains along the way.