The price of hope: funding education for the world’s refugee children

Fourteen nations, which host more than half of the world's refugees, are paying as much in interest on external debt as it would cost to educate millions of refugee children for nearly five years, according to this new report by Save the Children calling for greater priority to be given to educate children on the move.

Ahead of World Refugee Day, Save the Children’s new report, The Price of Hope, found four out of 14 low- and middle-income countries hosting high levels of refugees spent more servicing external debt than on education in 2020. Fourteen top refugee-hosting countries paid over US$23 billion in external debt interest in 2020 – enough to educate all refugee children in low- and middle-income countries for nearly five years. Save the Children says a generation of refugee children could be deprived of the education they need to restore their future.