Report of the Committee on Doubling Farmers’ Income: Volume II - status of farmers’ income: strategies for accelerated Growth (Ashok Dalwai Committee)

The second volume of the Report of the Committee on Doubling Farmers’ Income (DFI) examines the aggregated growth rates that need to be registered at both national and state levels, besides disaggregating them sub-sectorally. The analysis is on the basis, that it is the real income of the farmers that is to be doubled and not their nominal income. The analysis is on the basis that real income of farmers is to be doubled. Since the previous volume ascertains, that on an average 60 per cent of farmers’ income is from agricultural output (including livestock), the targets are designed to double this component of income and also improve the ratio between farm and non-farm income from 60:40 as of now to 70:30 by the end of target period. In doing so, various other developments in the form of allied enterprises and support infrastructure are envisaged. These developments will create new sources of income and near-farm jobs, to add to income.