Report On Nineteenth Electric Power survey Of India (Volume-III) Part –II (Mega Cities)

The electricity demand forecast is an important input for the planning of the power sector to meet the future power requirement of various sectors of electricity consumption. Therefore, a periodic Electric Power Survey (EPS) of the country is conducted by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) to assess electricity demand on medium and long term basis. So far, 18 EPS have been conducted. The 19thEPS Committee, constituted by the CEA in June 2015, has decided for carrying out Electric Power Survey of Mega Cities also. Accordingly, this volume III of Electric Power Survey of Mega Cities has been prepared. It was envisaged to include 45 Mega Cities, as detailed below, under this exercise. The input data for this study comprises of the category wise data of all Maga Cities from the year 2003-04 to 2018-19. Based on these input data, the year-wise electricity projection has been carried out for each Mega City for the year 2019-20 to 2029-30 with the year 2018-19 being taken as the base year.