State-wise and item-wise value of output from agriculture, forestry and fishing year: 2011-12 to 2020-21

The share of crops in the gross value of output of agriculture and allied sectors has declined by 7.5 percentage points in the last 10 years, while livestock’s share has increased by 5 percentage points during the same period, shows this report released by the National Statistical Office (NSO). The NSO’s report on ‘State-wise and Item-wise Value of Output from Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing’ said, “It may be perused that the crops sub-sector accounted for 62.4% of the agriculture and allied sectors in 2011-12, which has gradually come down to 54.9% in 2020-21.” The agriculture and allied sectors comprise four sub-sectors namely crop, livestock, forestry & logging and fishing & aquaculture. The share of Forestry and Logging, and Fishing and Aquaculture too has increased marginally. The share of forestry and logging has increased from 7.8 per cent in 2011-12 to 8.42 per cent in 2020-21, while the contribution of fishing and aquaculture rose from 4.19 per cent to 6.08 per cent during this period.