Orans are a source of food fodder, water and fuel to the livestock communities living in the foothills of Aravallis. Local communities, with the support of KRAPAVIS, an NGO continue to uphold the beneficial practice of preserving Orans.

Bera is a village of approximately 40 households located in Core II of Sariska Tiger Reserve. The population of Bera is comprised entirely of Gujar pastoralists, who depend on the forest for animal fodder, as well as for fuel wood and various non-timber forest produce.

Gujjars, a pastoralist community, prefer wilderness for their habitats. In Rajasthan, one tract of Gujjars habitats is mainly scattered around Sariska, a world fame Tiger Reserve, nowadays very much in news because of the tigers vanishing from it. The Sariska is spread over 866 square km areas.