An attempt has been made to study the soil bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes population in Seabuckthorn stand soil at different altitudinal zones in different seasons. Among different altitudinal zones greater microbial population size was recorded in Seabuckthorn stand soil of middle elevation zone followed by lower elevation zone and lower was found in upper elevation zone.

Plankton samples collected from Loktak Lake (a Ramsar site) during November 2002-October 2004 revealed 51 species of Cladocera belonging to 28 genera and 7 families. Loktak lake holds the richest Cladocera biodiversity known from any individual aquatic ecosystem of India, so far.

Udaipur, Banswara and Dungarpur districts of southern Rajasthan have dominance of tribal population. In these districts besides other water resources, hand pumps are catering the need for drinking water. The present study was undertaken to assess the level of chemical and bacteriological status for comparing the water quality with the prevailing standards.