A salt water pipeline leak offshore Alabama has forced ExxonMobil to halt gas production in the Mobile Bay area of the Gulf of Mexico, the company said on Thursday.

New York's environmental body on Wednesday extended a public comment period on proposed rules for natural gas drilling in the state, frustrating companies eager to exploit its rich natural gas depo

New York has touted its new rules on natural gas drilling as tough measures meant to keep its drinking water pure, but one cornerstone of its proposed regulation may fall short of existing industry practice.

American automobiles have a limited diet, but gasoline's monopoly at the pump may be ending. The giant of U.S.

Independent energy producer Chief Oil & Gas has been fined $180,000 by Pennsylvania regulators for environmental violations in the Marcellus Shale, the Department of Environmental Protection said on Tuesday.

Chief Oil & Gas has paid the civil fine, which was related to a hydraulic oil spill and the failure to maintain a drill pit at a natural gas well in Somerset County, the Pennsylvania DEP sa