In the wake of the various controversies surrounding poverty lines at the erstwhile Planning Commission, its successor National Institution for Transforming India (Niti) Aayog feels this barometer

Te bill seeks to abolish distinction between below poverty line and above poverty line families; proposes common category with uniform legal entitlement

The Cabinet today cleared the Food Security Bill which has incorporated the amendments to the previous bill as suggested by the standing committee of Parliament on food. Meanwhile, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs deferred a decision on dismantling levy sugar mechanism.

Survey says economy to revive from difficult times this year

A year after India's economic growth is headed to a record ten-year low growth of 5% in 2012-13, economic advisers in the Finance Ministry expect the economy to recover to 6.1 - 6.7% in 2013-14. The Economic Survey, 2012-13, presented today gave a wide range of 0.6 percentage points for its projections for economic growth next fiscal as it recognised that forecasting at potential turning points is difficult.

India has slammed the advanced world for paying mere “lip service” to the needs of developing countries, while not doing much in reality to give them finances and transfer technology to help them pursue high growth while protecting the environment.

“Lot of lip service has been paid and is being paid by the developed countries to the idea that we are living in an increasingly inter-dependent world and that the developed countries have an obligation to help the developing countries. In practice, the overall situation on the ground, as I have pointed out in my speech at the Rio Conference, is not very flattering,”

Document for sustainable development drafted by negotiators from 194 countries

Negotiators of 194 countries have come out with a document for sustainable development, but missed the crucial point of funding and technology transfer by developed countries to help the developing and the poor nations embrace green development. This prompted India to express it was “a little disappointed” over a weak political commitment by developed countries for sustainable development.