Indian coir industry pins its hopes on the growing market for coir in the West

An artificial blood vessel, developed indigenously, would shortly undergo clinical trials on humans, heralding a new era in India's medical technology

There are many in Kerala who just would not have anything to do with the obsolete official education system. They want change, and that, through people's active participation. They are the ones behind the innovative Vigyanotsavam

A cloud o criticism forms over the proposal to set up a high power nuclear plant at Kudangulam in Tamil Nadu

The veryfirst scheme to recognise the intellectual property rights of the Kani tribals in Kerala, ran into rough weather, only to bounce back into action

A Kerala High Court order quashes quarrying operations which had dealt a bodyblow to megalithic tombstones in the state

Once liquour sodden, the fisherfolk of a Kerala village are replacing destroyed natural reefs with artificial ones