This study is to collect the samples of true mangrove plant, associated mangrove plants, water and sediments from Ennore Mangrove Ecosystem and the samples are analyzed for heavy metals accumulation.

Batch adsorption study was investigated for the removal of single and binary mixture of basic dyes (bismark brown (BB) and safranine (SF) using artocarpus heterophyllus seed carbon (AHSC) in the aqueous solution. The effect of various experimental parameters has been investigated using a batch adorption technique to obtain information on treating effluents from the dye industry.

Studies on the removal of mercury (II) - EDTA complex by adsorption on coal and coal flyash blends have been carried out at 30 degree C. The effect of various parameters on the extent of removal of Hg2+-EDTA complex has been determined.

Investigation on the removal of formic acid (FOA) by adsorption on flyash-wood carbon (FA-WC) blends has been made  under batch mode. The adsorption data on the variation of (i) initial concentration of acid, (ii) contact time (iii) does and (iv) particle size of FA-WC are determined.

The present investigation was carried out to find the ground water quality at 20 different localities in and around Sivakasi town, Viudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu. Various physico-chemical parameters, such as temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, total hardness, temporary hardness, permanent hardness, total dissolved solids, total alkalinity, chloride, sulphate through the water analysis.

An attempt has been made in this study to assess the quality of ground water at the suburban area near Madurai airport by studying the physicochemical parameters and few metal ions of the water samples for a period of 1 year. It has been found that the quality of ground water is suitable for the domestic and general purpose. But they cannot be used for drinking purpose.