Indian agriculture has been going through a serious crisis since 1990s, driving farmers to the point of ending their lives

There seems to be a close linkage between conservation agriculture (CA) and the drip method of irrigation used for crop cultivation, but somehow it has not been explicitly highlighted in the literature on conservation agriculture. Drip method of irrigation was primarily introduced as a water conserving technology.

The purpose of this paper is to: challenge some of the misplaced notions of food security challenges posed by the country; by examining how far water becomes a constraint in achieving food security in different regions; analyze the potential future impacts of problems on nation

This paper is a synthesis of in-depth case studies of four individual farmers selected from Jalgaon district of Maharashtra, an important cotton growing state accounting for about 33 per cent of India's total cotton area during 2005-06.

One of the serious and unrelenting problems faced by the Indian farmers households has been indebtedness. Despite substantial improvement in agricultural output as well as distribution of credit through institutional sources since the introduction of the new agricultural technology, indebtedness among the farmers households is found to be widespread even today.