Violinist turned environmentalist Aubrey Meyer has coined the phrase "contraction and convergence" and set the world thinking on the lines of equitable per capita emissions, whoever we are and whichever part of the world we belong to

Electronic conferences can speed up decision making which lengthy, costly and conventional deliberations cannot

The ice cover almost 4.8 km thick is perhaps the most valuable feature of Antarctica, with its record of past atmospheres in the trapped air bubbles

Should changing names of threatened ecosystems be the only way to induce more consciousness of the coming environmental cataclysm?

THERE was a time when everybody involved with development knew exactly what to do. Rival camps disagreed with each other but were at least confident that they themselves were right and everyone else

One town in Europe has shown how to host a major world sporting event, with all its attendant chaos, and still avoid environmental devastation

... was a small time occupation of the eccentric scientist just 20 years ago

Unspeak has piled up mountains of words on sustainable development of the world's fragile peaks, and action courses seem to have been lost on the way downhill

Godfrey Baseley, the man behind "The Archers", BBC's popular serial on agricultural information, is dead. His 'gossip' was valuable advice to the country's farmers

Activists are increasingly resorting to attention grabbing techniques to bring development issues into the public domain