The blaring loudspeakers at religious places, usage of pressures horns in buses and high volume DJs are creating noise pollution in the holy city.

Operating without licence, many illegal centres thrive on city’s roadsides in worn-out vans

The ambitious Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) project is nowhere near completion. Travelling on city roads especially on a two-wheeler has become a nightmare.

Illegal sand mining in Amritsar and its surrounding areas continues unabated, thanks to a shortage of staff in the Industries Department and the alleged indifferent attitude of the Police Department.

The illegal activity has resulted in environmental degradation. It is also proving a security threat as mining is being done near the Indo-Pak border from where the Ravi flows. The Rajasansi police yesterday intercepted a truck and a trolley laden with sand coming from the Ajnala side. Though the police impounded the vehicles, the accused managed to escape.