The paper is an attempt to highlight the profitability approach in State Road Transport Undertakings. A case study of two major undertakings i.e. Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation and Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation is analyzed.

Steel Melting Shop-1 (SMS-1) is one of the prime shops of Bhilai Steel Plant, which has a capacity of producing 2.5 MT of crude steel. It follows the conventional route in which steel is produced through twin hearth furnaces and is cast as ingot moulds. An alternate cost effective arrangement was designed, developed and implemented for the uninterrupted direct supply of chemically treated water from water chemical treatment plant (WCTP).

The present paper reports the ethno-medicinal uses of 10 plant species belonging to 7 families being practised by the tribes and rural people of Pulwama District, Srinagar (J & K) for the treatment of hair ailments and 13 plant species belonging to 11 families for the treatment of boils.