Killer cell Ig-like receptors (KIR) control the immune response of NK cells and some T cells to infections and tumors. KIR genes evolve rapidly and are variable between individuals in their number, type and sequence. Here, we determined the nature of KIR2DL5 gene polymorphism in four ethnic groups using direct DNA sequencing method.

A field experiment was conducted on rice seed production in rice-wheat cropping system to find out the effect of application of biofertilizers and urea on the grain yield and quality attributes of rice varieties at the research farm of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India during 2 wet seasons of 2006-08.

An investigation was carried out to study the effect of distillery effluent based pressmud compost (DEPC) on seed yield and seed quality attributes of paddy cv. Pus a Basmati-1 at Seed Production Unit, IARI, New Delhi.